They’ve got to be kidding!

Betsy MacIssac of Crooked Fence Farm, our sister farm across the river, is surely kidding. I stopped by yesterday to see the new arrivals from her flock of Cashmere goats. The past few days brought forth some dear little kids! This is Karina and her kid, June, just a few days born.

This is Dixie and her kids, Zeke (gray) and Crecent (white).

June and Crecent say hello. Once June and Karina are a bit more settled they will join in with Jasmine’s side of the fence. Karina is a bit protective at the moment however so no sense adding undo stress to her day!

I got to hold Cresent for awhile. Cashmere, as you know, is sooooo soft and there is nothing softer than a Cashmere kid! Or sweeter. Cresent was so mellow and loved to just be held. And Dixie, a first time mother, didn’t bat an eye with me in the pen.

Betsy is holding little June, another dear, sweet kid.

Final Cashmere tally are 3 doe kids and 3 buck kids for the season. Congratulations, Betsy!

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