This is our town!

After we finished haying Sunday, Jack and I took Sidney for a swim. This is Jack’s pickup, therefore it’s Sidney’s pickup and no one takes his front seat! Westmoreland is still quite agricultural, and the views are gorgeous all four seasons. When I am driving to and fro I am always amazed at just how beautiful it is here. The second and third pictures are of the county farm which has a milking herd of holsteins and some priceless land along the Connecticut River. You can see the corn, which is now over my head high and also an eagle/osprey perch just on the rivers’s edge. The 4th pic is Sidney getting that swim. The 5th pic is of Windyhurst Farm, another dairy farm in town, exemplary in every way, from the herd stats to the farm cleanliness to the setting. Windyhurst, is run by the Adams’, for many generations now. They also have a maple sugar business and you can come to Stuart and John’s Pancake House adjacent to the farm for some fantastic cooking! Stuart Adams and John Matthews are childhood friends who started the pancake house years ago like kids run lemonade stands, and over the years they improved it and it grew and now is an established destination.