Your recent favorite reads!
Me, a Type A personality, left to my own devices for weeks on end with limited time to motor about on both feet,am in need of more books to read. In the past week I have read these three books:

How To Knit A Love Song
A lusty, predictable love story with a very light drama laced throughout but with lots of references to farming, knitting and love, it was a fun read.

Little Bee
I wasn’t attracted to this book on the shelf but then thought better of it and found it a fast and moving read. I wept as I finished the last page.

So I had to have some more by Chris Cleave and just finished Incendiary today. Now this book was tough. From page one to the last page it was hard to continue and yet impossible to put it down. Therefore I didn’t. Not a happy book, not at all. But if you are brave and can work through it’s dark spots, take it on.

What are you reading, what can you suggest next for me? Kris, thanks for your offerings today: Imperfect Birds by Anne Lamont and also Still Alice. While I wait to hear your thoughts, I have The Shadow of Your Smile by Mary Higgins Clark waiting…..

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