Welcome Kalie!

We have another new addition, a friend for Luna and a wonderful companion for us human types. Kalie is a Blue Merle Sheltie. Another rescue from Maine. She and Luna are both the same age, this side and that of three. At first, Kalie was so timid I worried for her. Sidney is always a bit of a handful, but they straighted things out quite quickly. She and Luna are really great together, they play well and they share their love with us without too much jealousy! Here was Kalie when she arrived on our first walk. She runs like a gazelle, fast as lightening and so agile compared to Luna who is all heart and a little workhorse.

Of course we introduced Kalie to the sheep right off as the dogs stay with me when I do the chores. She is such a shy bird!

And it really does take time to get used to such a mass of larger animals!

But she has met a few up close and personal, Georgia here, with a kiss! Luna will take this position and lick the sheep’s noses…..where is my camera when that happens?

The best part is Luna has a friend she can really play with. She and Sidney did their best although Sid isn’t the playing type anymore. Webster, the cat, still plays with Luna but at least he isn’t THE man anymore. And well, Bianca, the hen, is really off the hook now…and in a month a new flock of baby chicks arrive to eventually keep Bianca company again when they grow large enough.

And here is Sidney…this afternoon on the deck, getting some of that peace and quiet Ed thought he should have!! You can see some of the lambing group in the background.

If you are looking for a Sheltie and you are willing to try a rescue Holly is the best! You can reach her here. Holly KNOWS Shelties and she has an innate ability at matching dogs with families.

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