Yet another finished object

I had made a pact with the Guardian of Unfinished Objects back in January to get all my UFOs done by spring so I could move on and so far so good, two to go! The thrummed mitts are done. I had a basic mitten pattern that I completely altered to make the yarns work with the fleece stuffing. It really was haphazard but in the end they came out okay. Sorry for the rotation view, I can’t get them to load correctly! Here they are right side out.

And inside out.

The details can be viewed on Ravelry here .
I improvised the Green Mountain Spinnery’s Basic Mitten pattern and knit a strand of my CVM/Romeldale yarn with a strand of Kid Seta (mohair/silk) and used CVM/Romledale roving for the thrums (stuffing).

They are not completely matched but are absolutely comfortable and very cozy. How ironic they are complete now that spring has arrived ~ but next year they’ll be a pleasant surprise come the cold winter.

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