Silkzorb Degummer


Price is per ounce.

A liquid enzyme that removes excess sericin in silk fibers, allowing for a deeper penetration of dye and deeper shades. Use with a small amount of soda ash and Cellulose Scour.


Silkzorb process:

Water: measure at a ratio of 30ml per 1 gram of fiber.

To calculate: weight your fiber (dry) in grams, multiply by 30 and dived by 1000.

This gives the amount of liters of water needed. You can convert from liters to quarts if necessary.

Silkzorb: use 1 gram of silkzorb per liter of water.

Soda Ash: use 0.4 gram of soda ash per liter of water.

Scour: use 2 grams of scour per liter of water.

Dissolve the soda ash in small amount of boiling water. Add all ingredients together

is a pot and stir. Water temp should be 96-110 F. The resultant pH should be around 8.0-10.0.

Add silk to the bath and occasionally move around in the water, gently for 1-2 hours, keeping the bath at 96-110 F.

Remove silk, rinse well, extract excess water and proceed to mordanting.


454 grms dry silk 1 pound dry silk

15 liters of water 15 quarts of water

15 grms silkzorb 1 TBS silkzorb

6 grms soda ash 1 tsp soda ash

30 grms scour 2 TBS scour

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