Titanium oxalate – titanium mordant – Titanyl-potassium oxalate


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Titanium oxalate provides orange shades with tannins and yellow dyes. It does also increase a little the lightfastness (around point).

It provides a better fixation of natural tannins and bright oranges (for instance with the oak gallnut extract or sumac gallnut extract). In combination with natural dyes, you will get new ranges of shades, especially bright oranges with yellow natural dyes (for instance with the weld extract).

By creating stronger complexes between the fibers and the dyes, titanium mordent contributes to better light-fastness and wash-fastness.

For protein fibers, you can use the traditional way (1- titanium mordant, then 2- dye extract)

1- bath with TITANIUM OXALATE at 5%;

2- bath with GALLNUT EXTRACT or WELD EXTRACT at 7-10% WOF.

For cellulose fibers, use a reverse process :

1- bath with GALLNUT EXTRACT or WELD EXTRACT at 7-10% WOF;

2- bath with TITANIUM OXALATE at 5%.

Powder is very fine. Advise wearing a mask when working with the dry powder.

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