twenty years later…2020

In 2000, my family started raising sheep. We bought 2 lambs, then 2 more, then 4 more a few times, lambed our own across two decades, and had many ups and some downs. A few years ago we decided it was time to ease out of shepherding. Now, in the fall of 2020, we have 2 sheep remaining, a far cry from the flock in 2009 shown here leaving pasture for the winter months. It has been a bittersweet decision, trust me.

Since 2005, I have been immersed in the art of natural dyeing, as well as a retail source for anyone wanting to use natural dyes in their own work. I studied extensively with the best artists and instructors around the world. My investment is great and it is my greatest passion. I welcome you to transition with me from Long Ridge Farm to Long Ridge Natural Dyes. The farm is still home to a few farm animals, dogs and hens! Now my focus continues with products that are derived from and dyed with plants, roots, barks and berries.

2020 has been a challenge for all of us, yet it also has brought the opportunity to work, create and think in new and exciting ways as we move forward in this brave new decade!

beyond the crossroads

Directions and decisions, truth and consequences,
hellos and goodbyes, roads taken, not taken.
The past year, as I time warped into the 6th decade,
I have less desire for the destination, more for the journey,
like a bloom opening on a warm spring morning,
unsure of the day ahead but moving forward, regardless.
The days have symmetrical rhythm
some with dead ends
days of thirst for something new
ups and down


tight squeezes
and rocky times. After all, that is
part of our own pilgrimage, isn’t it?
There is always a way
and always there are good hearts discovered on the journey.
Join me as the blog continues.
It’s traveling here
Swing by if you desire.


Quietly enjoying a day in my life.
One that I am eternally thankful my parents gave me.
It was before television, computers, internet, cell phones.
The telephone was wired into the wall and it was a party line.
When reading books and writing letters transported us
to ideas, friends and family.
I am grateful to have been part of that era.
Moons later….
to celebrate my day, I made sure to have something to open.
Months ago, on a clearance rack at the local thrift store, this smart cotton jacket
was begging for a second chance. An Eileen Fisher number with a nifty
off-set zipper, pockets and a double layer of fabric here and there.
The color was just wrong.
    If it was to be a birthday jacket it would
be colored with November.
Bundled up it was left to wait for my day.
I am hoping Eileen approves but if not, at my age, it’s just fine.
I rather like it.

on the turning away

Knowing I’d travel a bittersweet trail to the Pacific Northwest, I dyed up yardage
in India Flint fashion before I left.
I knew I’d want some presents to open when I got home.
some close-ups….







In most cases time is a good thing.
From fabric to friendships,
resting, waiting, patience.

colors for Rwanda

I’ve been running a bit under the radar since returning from Rwanda.
There was a lot to process.
I fell in love with this country.
Rwandans say “God might visit other countries
by day, but every night He returns to rest in Rwanda”.
But now it’s more than geography.
It’s a solid commitment for me
with a group of women in a place
I can’t begin to describe.
Silence beyond comprehension.
After months in the making,
there is a way you can help these women.
I’ve met each and every one.
They survived the genocide
but they are forever scarred from it.
Read on here for the rest of the story.
This is real.
Thank you for even a moments notice.
It means the world to the ladies if you know they exist.
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